Monday, March 22, 2010

Three down, Three to go.

I'm surprised that I haven't posted anything for so long. I've completed half of my chemo regimen. It hasn't been terrible, but I really hate it. After my first treatment, my vein got swollen possibly due to the fact that I left the needle in the vein overnight. I've not done that again, and I haven't had any problems with soreness in my veins since that first treatment.
I don't have any bad side-effects except for fatigue. I haven't gotten sick, and I knew from the beginning that I wouldn't lose my hair. But I get really tired for a few days. Last month, I was tired for 4 days. Today is Monday, and I took off work today due to fatigue. Today is day four, so I'm hoping to return to work tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I'll feel back to normal. I am tired of feeling tired!
This weekend was beautiful. Blair walked downtown in Frederick with a friend that she had met from D.C. She and I picked him up at the Shady Grove Metro and then took him back in the late afternoon. I think it was a date, but I'm not sure she is sharing that. He seems like a nice guy, who is also 15, but at this point, it's a texting relationship!
Brooke, Jerry, and Molly went ice skating this weekend. Brooke wanted to go for her birthday. I think that they had a good time, but afterwards, Brooke had blisters on her feet and Jerry's legs were sore. I guess we don't go enough to be properly prepared!
After the skating, Brooke got an ice cream cake from the DairyQueen. I'm surprised that they call it a cake, as there is truly no cake involved. It's ice cream, chocolate crumb, and then more ice cream. She loved it. Gone are the days that I make and decorate a cake. Although she did get a pie from Nana on her birthday. We didn't have her birthday dinner until the day after her birthday, due to Blair's swimteam banquet. So Nana did come up with a pie for her on her birthday. Then my parents came down to help with the kids and meals during my trips to Georgetown, so we had her birthday dinner Wednesday night with them and Nana. It was a nice evening.
I hope to be more frequent with my posts. But days do have a way of getting away from me.


  1. Sounds like you are being such a tough trouper, as usual. I think of you often, especially when I'm reading, and am glad to hear that you are half done. Should have let me know you'd be at the rink - like a 2nd home to us, as you know! I call it "the dump of the CBHL", which is Eric's hockey league. And it is. Oh well. Keep smiling, girl! Have a glass of good wine if you can. If not, let me know and I'll have one for you....