Monday, August 2, 2010


It's Monday night, and we're home. We went to Kennedy Space Center on Saturday, back to Universal on Sunday, and then drove home today. It's 10:00, and we're all ready to go to our own rooms to sleep. Blair was excited about being able to go to the bathroom without "lining the seat!" We didn't hug each other before going to our rooms this year like last, but we did all cheer when we drove across the Maryland state line. Nana had left homemade potato salad, cut-up watermelon, homemade pie, milk, and bread in the fridge. We were all so thankful. We will write more tomorrow.

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  1. Welcome home! Nothing like it! We call it "the milk syndrome" as in, we often drink milk (even the adults) at home for lunch/dinner - but never when out. Funny, huh?