Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Living with the news

So it's been a week since I've been told that I will live my life having cancer. It's been a weird week, and quite an adjustment. I've had a hard time thinking that I wouldn't ever be considered healthy again. But then I thought about it, and decided it would be the same as with any other chronic illness. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other chronic illness, it is usually for the rest of your life. So mine just happens to be cancer. But I have no symptoms, and it doesn't stop me from doing anything, so I guess it really isn't such a big deal. And I will be monitored every three months, so that will ensure that I continue to be healthy. If any changes occur, they will be found early and treatments will be offered. So enough about the cancer. From now on, my posts will be more about fun things in life, and with three girls and a dog, there is always plenty of fun to write about.

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