Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still have it.

I saw my oncologist today, and the cancer is still there. It did look smaller on the left side, but maybe a little larger on the right. So I go to the specialist in Georgetown next week. I may even have to have more testing before we can decide how to proceed. It's quite a bummer. I think I'll be glad when all of the testing is finished and we can come up with a plan. But, the next two days I don't have to teach school. I'm going to a training tomorrow and going skiing on Friday, so I'm looking forward to both of those days as something different. 


  1. Oh, I figured it out, I think. I will get better.

  2. Have fun skiing! I haven't done that since high school. You give me hope that I will not be changing diapers forever! Is the whole family going?