Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our dog, Duncan, has a temper tantrum

While we were gone skiing, we couldn't take our dog with us since we were spending the night at my in-laws house and they prefer that we don't let the dog stay inside.  In the summer, we can let the dog stay on the screened porch, but  in the winter it's too cold. 
So we left Duncan at a neighbor's house, where he always stays when we can't take him with us. Anyway, when we were getting ready to leave our house, Duncan was all excited. He thought that he was going for a big ride. We loaded the van, and drove the 3 miles to our neighbor's house with Duncan sticking his head out of the window most of the way. We unpacked Duncan, and he seemed just fine playing with our neighbor's dogs, so we left.
When I called later, my neighbor said that after we left, Duncan went to his crate and indicated that he wanted inside (which is somewhere he never goes at  home.) She opened the door and Duncan stayed inside his crate where he stayed for most of the day. At one point when she tried to coax Duncan out of his crate, he even growled. After about five hours, (maybe when he finally had to pee) Duncan decided to get out of his crate, and go outside with and play with the other dogs. And then he was fine for the rest of the time we were gone. All I can figure is that Duncan had a temper tantrum! He must have wanted a longer ride! At least he didn't punish us with any messes on the carpet when we got home!

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