Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Alamo

We drove into the San Antonio Riverwalk area and parked at the Hyatt. The big thing going on there was that the Dallas Cowboys were arriving to open their summer training camp. We saw some large people who could have been football players and some large people giving autographs who certainly were football players, but nobody we recognized.

We saw an Imax movie about the Alamo, then walked over to see it. It has a long history, dating back into the 1700s. They have
done a nice job with it. It is a small compound of buildings that has a huge history/mythology for Texans. Apparently it is the only place in the USA where the state flag can be flown at equal height with the American flag. We had a nice meal at Saltgrass, a Texas steakhouse, then drove up to Austin.

In Austin we stayed at a hotel beside the famous South Congress Bat Bridge. About 25 years ago they fixed up a bridge on South Congress Avenue and about a million bats decided to live under it. They fly out at night and hundreds of people show up to watch them. We went over to watch the bats and saw... not much. They few out a few at a time but it wasn't much to see. After everyone else left and it was past 10:00 p.m. a guy from the bat
conservation group let us use his night vision equipment to see a few of the remaining bats fly out.

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