Saturday, July 17, 2010

This post Is the girls thoughts on Nashville. We also did the ruby falls, but that will be posted later.
ROOKE Hey it is Brooke. I am writing about the Wild Horse Saloon. They kept playing different country music especially Taylor Swift. Then Molly asked if they could play the time warp and like usual they played it. Me and Molly danced to that than I learned the Catfish dance. It is very cool. It is easy to learn too.{ But you need to have cowboy boots to do it correctly. I have a pair but I did not bring them. Darn. } I had a sweet tea there. WOW!!!!!!!!! That thing is really sweet. Are they trying to keep you awake till 3:00 am?? I got to go. Bye. Brooke Donald

BLAIR Wild Horse Saloon was a nice place to eat once. Nashville was much nicer then Atlanta. The south has been interesting so far, but I think that I am going to be a northerner forever. However, its not terrible. Elvis tomorrow, hopefully that will be interesting. Then the Clinton library, for which I don't have high expectations. Fun for Dad though, I guess he needs some reward for being in a van full of girls for three weeks.

MOLLY So, Mrs. Routzhan you were right. I liked Nashville. Its had a lot of VERY cute clothing places and so little eclectic shops I liked as well. I even got a Alice and Wonderland charm bracelet because 1) I was just in that play, and 2) I genuinely like the Alice and Wonderland books. Then, when we finished in that part of town, we went to the Wild Horse Saloon, and ate. Then we went on a tour of the town by horse and carriage (the carriage was pink, too). After that WE got some very good ice cream, walked over the Cumberland river, and then drove to the hotel room. All and all, It was a very good experience and, although I wouldn't live there, would happily go there again.


  1. Hey guys, how cool to be on another awesome trip around our beautifully vast country. Great pics and entries. i like Blair's last one about Dad and the Clinton library. Not that you'll have the time, but thanks to Bev, I now know how to blog, too. I'm in Mexico still and will be till August, but NPR is doing a morning show on us with Sheila Kast and I think my blog might be on NPR Monday or Tuesday. That would be cool. Anyway, here it is, and drive safely Dad. See you when you get back. Have fun girls!

  2. Blair, everything is relative I suppose. The last time I checked the Mason-Dixon line was just a little NORTH of your home. :-)
    Some would consider you a southerner!
    I'm enjoying following the bouncing ball of your trip.
    Safe travels to all.
    Cousin Wayne