Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We visited the Bill Clinton Presidential Library today. Lots more security there than at the Carter museum. I asked why and they said any federal building built after 9/11 has higher standards of security. The outside of the building was designed to look like a bridge (remember "a bridge to the 21st century"?). Beverly thought it was ugly. Clinton narrated his own biographical movie.

We saw the replica of the oval office and the cabinet room (the president's chair is slightly taler than the others). There was a year-
by-year list of events and artifacts. At one point we could look up the presidential agenda for any day of his presidency (he met the Japanese prime minister the day Blair was born). They had the usual exhibit of gifts given to the president and first lady. One interesting exhibit was a table laid out for a full state dinner. It had four different glasses at each place setting.

In the Presidential libraries, we have been amazed at the gifts that the presidential family has received from the people of other countries. The family is not allowed to keep any gifts worth more than $50 as the gift may be
thought of as a bribe. So they receive the gifts on behalf of the American people, and then the gifts get displayed in their libraries. Some of the gifts are really nice.

This library and
the Carter library had replicas of each president's
Oval Office. We liked the Clin
ton dark blues to the Carter pastels.

We drove from the Clinton Library to Little Rock High. It is a still functioning high school and
museum. The building, built in the 1920s, is beautiful. Across the street is a museum run by the
park service that has a great exhibit on the integration of the school in 1957. It is small but very informative.
Nine benches around the pond in front of the school are engraved the names of the first nine black students who went to school here.

If you are ever in Little Rock at lunch time (I know, the chances of this are small) try eating at Larry's. It is a pizza buffet full of creatively made and unique pizzas. If I had to pick one place to eat pizza Larry's would be it.

From Larry's it was just a quick 375 mile drive to Fort Worth.

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