Saturday, July 24, 2010


We spent the morning resting and relaxing at the hotel. The girls had stayed up late the last few nights trying to watch A Very Potter Sequel (a fan fiction Harry Potter musical) on the Internet, so we needed to sleep-in. The hotel provided a great breakfast. They even had a man who fixed omelets to order. After breakfast Brooke and Jerry went to the pool while Blair and Molly looked at the computer and Beverly did some laundry.

We checked out of the hotel and drove up to the University of Texas campus to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum. The LBJ library is the only free presidential library because LBJ wanted anyone to be a
ble to visit. Inside they had some of the same presidential exhibits the other presidential libraries had - a history of what the president did w
hile in office, a biographical movie, a re-creation of the oval office as it was,
pictures of white house events, gifts given to the president and first family. They also had a nice exhibit on the American First Ladies and a big temporary exhibit on Walter Cronkite.

What I (Jerry) was amazed at was the museum store. It had the usual trinkets but it also had a huge collection of original political buttons and posters, not only from LBJ but from other presidential candidates dating back to Wendell Wilkie (
1940 Republican who ran against Franklin Roosevelt). The staff was helpful, the prices were great, and I have lots of material to decorate my classroom this fall.

After leaving the museum store we went over to Amy's Ice Cream and had some tasty treats. Then we drove
two hundred miles to wind up
east of Houston where we spent the night.

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  1. Wow, very cool about the gift shop. I look forward to seeing what you got!