Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pecos to San Antonio

We left Carlsbad, New Mexico fairly early and headed south and east toward San Antonio. We tried to find some food in the first town we came to in Texas, Pecos, but could only find food at a truck stop. Remember the Paul Newman movie in the 1970s about Judge Roy Bean? Well, that takes pace in Pecos.
The speed limit from Pecos to outside of San Antonio is 80 mph
. We didn't know the USA had speed limits that high. You can really cover some ground if you do 80 and don't make many pit stops (we made one). As we drove the landscape began to change from a fairly green desert (they have had a lot of rain in west Texas this year) into an area with scrub brush, then trees. We drove through mesas for a bit then got to the Hill Coun
try outside of San Antonio.

San Antonio seems to be a vibrant city. The University of Texas is located here. After finding a hotel outside the city (by the way, finding a room to accommodate a family of five is much tougher this year) we drove into the downtown area to the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk was started by the federal government as a New Deal flood control project in the 1930s. They are still expanding it. Frederick's Carroll Creek Project is based on the same idea, but in size Carroll Creek is to the Riverwalk as Frederick is to San Antonio. We took a boat ride around the area then ate at a Mexican restaurant (lots of those to choose from). We felt that we had done a lot in a day that included about 430 miles of driving.

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