Monday, July 19, 2010

Graceland - thank you, thank you very much

Jerry here ...We left central Tennessee and headed west toward Memphis. Listened to the Elvis channel (Sirius radio 13) to set the mood. We arrived at the Graceland parking lot around noon and went inside to buy tickets. Yes, the Donald family was once again paying to see the house of a famous, deceased rich person. For a mere $130 your family of 5 can have the Graceland experience as well.

We first toured his airplanes. Gold plated sinks, blue suede apolstery, you get the picture. One time his daughter said she had never seen snow, so he immediately took her to Colorado, they played in the snow for a bit, then they flew back. Next came a tour of the house. He bought it in the late fifties. It was built in the thirties. It screams seventies. Green shag carpet in the jungle room should tell you all you need to know. We
saw the kitchen where his cook made him the famous peanut butter and banana sandwiches fried in butter (we tried them after the tour - not bad but a little goes a long way). Upstairs was off limits to the tour "out of respect." When you sell tickets to see his house and clothing the "out of respect" has left the barn.

Graceland has many other buildings besides the house. These were filled with artifacts from his career. One hallway, about 60 feet long, was decorated with gold record after gold record. He sold over a billion records. He had an amazing vocal range. Then there were exhibits from his movies, his office, etc. We also went to a building that showed a few of his motorized toys - Rolls Royces, a pink Cadillac, motorcycles, a John Deere tractor, a snowmobile that could run
on the grass (not much snow in Memphis). He liked to have a good time with his friends, known as the Memphis Mafia. His grave site is on the estate. He is buried beside his parents.

The museum seemed to have a good sense of
humor. The announcements and even the trash cans quoted Elvis' famous phrase, "Thank you. Thank you, very much!"

You have to give him credit for one thing - unlike more recent stars he made more money than he spent, which is saying something. He took care of his family and entourage, gave away lots to charity, and didn't die broke.


  1. Never been to Graceland, although I admit I cried when he died (I was 10, so sue me). More tacky, tacky, tacky, from the sounds of it! And he is STILL taking care of his family, huh?

  2. Cruel that they won't let you see The Toilet.