Saturday, June 27, 2009

comments from Blair, Molly, and Brooke

Brooke says...
today was great! This is what happened in my words. We woke up today around 11:00 and we went to the Great Sand dunes. We didn't go up because Molly's tummy didn't feel good . It was 1 hour to get to the top and back again. My favorite part of the day was when this lady gave me some nuts and a chipmunk ate right out of my hand. When the chipmunk's mouth was really full, the chipmunks look so cute. It looked like their mouths were full of air and its cheeks were big. We saw so many waterfalls, and that is what I say.

Molly says... Hey Babes, 
           We have done SO much over the last week. My favorite parts have been Bishop Castle, Hillbilly Hot dogs, Mammoth Cave, Little Grill Collectives, the sand dunes, and The Great Divide, and this one Welsh Pub in St. Louis (from greatest to least in that order). Anyway, I've read my mom's blog and I don't think you've been getting a real feel from the trip. Sure she's done a great job but everythings so amazing. I think everyone should be able to take a trip like this eventually, though you might consider going with a friend instead of family. I have ! JK (just kidding). Anyway, Bishop's Castle was amazing! Dad, Blair and I (mom and Brooke were too scared :P) went to the top, and it was like some sort of fishnet iron and at the top it was shaking and wobbling. There were a lot of windows and it was so windy, that I (who am completely not scared of heights) got so scared, I sat down and just scooted down the steps one at a time because there was no railing on the upper half. All in all it as a lot of fun, and if you ever go out west you definitely have to  go there (we even bought a souvenir magnet). So that's what I thought about that. Anywho, I've been reading a lot and listening to books on c.d. So far I've finished Sabrial, Liriel, and Abhorsen, (all one series), the Skulduggery Pleasant series, The shadow Thieves (have not finished series), and now I'm on the Legend of Drizzet series. Good bye all of you Marylanders, (and even those who are not). Bye.

Blair says... 
Um. Hi. Am I just talking about the trip on here or what? OK, I'll
give you some highlights. Colorado might be my favorite state on 
thistrip so far. The Rockies are amazing, the landscapes are seriously straight
out of Lord Of The Rings. And no hobbits, so that's a plus. The valleys
and mountains are really beautiful, and the waterfall we saw today
was, to use an odd phrase I've heard lately, sick. (apparently this means 
"cool". I'm pretty sure its a word used by adults to try and relate. I'm
the only one imagining a table with a bunch of old guys in their toupees
saying, "So what is *hip* and *cool* with the *youth* today?" aren't I.) But
anyway, landscapes. Very grand. Feeding the chipmunks was
interesting, I was surprised at how bold they were. 
The most exciting 
part of the trip so far was the rickety aeroride in the storm at the Royal
Bridge, running through hail to get to
a gift shop. Then the crazy staircase at Bishop's Castle that wasn't
at all safe, which is good, because if that castle was up to regulations it
wouldn't have been half as fun. We will now return to our regularly scheduled program.

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  1. The girls should post more often, too! For some reason, Blair's post is cut off on the right side, missing one or two letters.