Saturday, June 20, 2009

We made it to Beckley, WV

At 11:00 this morning, Nana took our picture in front of our loaded van and then we heading off on our summer trip. Don't we look happy! Right before that, Blair and Brooke had been arguing and Molly was refereeing. There were tears, yelling and gnashing of teeth. What a way to start a long journey together! But after some threats, we pulled it together to get the picture taken. And everyone did well on the first 243 miles of our journey.
Below Winchester on I81 it started to rain so hard that we had to put on our flashers for a while. Then it stopped and the sun was shinning. I love the new GPS system. When we were ready to eat, using the GPS, I found a neat worker-owned, vegetarian grill in Harrisonburg that we loved. Deana, there was even a picture of John Lennon! Blair liked the restaurant so much she bought a t-shirt!
Now we're at our hotel. It's nice - one room with two queen beds and a sleeper sofa. Tonight we are going to TheaterWV to watch the Hatfield and McCoys. 


  1. Wow, very cool about that restaurant. I wonder if Steve's iphone will tell us wonderful things like that.
    Enjoy the play, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. The restaurant was really a lucky guess. The GPS just tells the name of the restaurant and I made a good guess. The food was organic and local if possible. It was really good.

  3. johnlennon looks like was relly creppy.i had a 6 ounce burger.peace,love,and happyness,or joy

  4. lol. I was wondering where you were coming from with "creppy."

  5. I want to see a picture of John Lennon!!!
    They should have had a picture of George, after all it was Harrisonburg! Is the restaurant in WV?

  6. Where's our update? We want hiking in Mammoth Cave stories/photos? We let you go so that you could entertain us. If you aren't going to amuse us, you need to just come home.