Friday, June 19, 2009

We leave tomorrow.

Since we leave tomorrow, I finally made reservations for the first 2 nights that we'll be gone. I also made reservations to see the play The Hatfields and the McCoys at the WVTheater in Beaver, WV. Then I made reservations for our tour of Mammoth Cave. I chose the four-hour cave tour where you get to eat lunch in one of the rooms in the cave. There was a tour called The River Styx Cave Tour that we wanted to go on, but it was already booked. Some people are better organized than me!  
I think that we have purchased everything, and we have started to pack. I made a checklist for the girls, and Molly and Brooke are mostly packed. Blair is out enjoying one last evening with her friends before she is cooped up with her family all summer! Blair, Jerry and I will probably pack in the morning. No sense in rushing these things! 
We hope to leave by 10 a.m. We will drop Duncan, our dog, off at the home where he is staying for the summer, and then we'll head down 81. 

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  1. If we dont see you in the morning...saturday..have a grand time. I will keep up with your blog.