Sunday, June 14, 2009

Six days to go!

So yesterday while lounging at the pool, Jerry starts thinking about our trip. We were thinking about driving all the way down to Carlsbad Caverns which are in the southern part of New Mexico,  but now are changing our minds.  We want to go St. Louis and after that we were thinking of driving down to Memphis and then through Arkansas and Texas to Carlsbad. But after much thought, we decided that that's a lot of driving to see one place and it could be another trip at another time. So we changed our minds and decided that after St. Louis to travel straight through Kansas to get to Colorado. That will allow us more time out west. I wonder if we'll change our minds again? We really have no idea what we are doing!
I didn't post this past week that I went to Georgetown and got a good report from my doctor. My cancer didn't grow enough to worry about, so we are still at the monitoring stage. I go in three months, just to check in. In six months, I have another CT scan. I was really scared before I went, because I was afraid that I would be the one that would stop our family from this trip that we have talked about for a while. I was really relieved when the appointment was over and everything was okay.


  1. Hi its Daves Mom...Monette...

    We are keeping up with you and looking forward to 'your' trip.

    We are leaving on June 21 ? Next Monday.

    There is a 'hot' spell going on at home in Texas...105 daily...a bit too much. 103 more normal. Am enjoying the weather here.

    Enjoy the trip

    Monette West

  2. Monette again...

    It can snow in Yellowstone National Park in July...take a sweatshirt or jacket !!

    Being from Texas , the first big trip we took (camping) , we went mid-summer and took no coats.
    We had to stop and buy some sweatshirts.

  3. Monette, Thanks for posting. Hope to see you before you leave and thanks for the good advice!

  4. So I thought I would be the first...but alas, tis not to be! lol...It was great seeing you this evening and I look forward to watching your blog!