Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 24

Made it to Great Bend, KS. Made a bad choice of hotels after driving over 350 miles today. Can't wait to get to Dodge City tomorrow, look around, and then find a nice hotel. It's amazing how icky a bad hotel can make you feel. No more DaysInn for us. I'm missing you guys. Post a comment, and let me know how things are going, or email me @


  1. Yeah, you think you're okay as long as the sheets are clean, but in the end, it stinks to feel like a distance trucker.

  2. Hi...we are home now...on wed.6/24
    Immediately we drove up Deer Spring, Bucky made a wrong turn..!!off to a great start...!!
    We tried Days Inn...I dont reccommend them either..
    SUPER 8 has always been good. And we stayed at a QUALITY INN AND SUITES in Texas and it was as nice as they come. Both are ok in price, at least for between $55 and $62 and then tax added on. I have paid $84 for the same as icky Days Inn..hard to find a decent place that is really reasonable.
    We drove too much on the 2nd day and got to a nice Quality Inn at 10 pm. We dont make reservations since we drive til we want to stop. Couldnt find the motel/hotel area in a couple of small Tex. towns ...wont do that again. Made a 14 hour driving day for Bucky.
    Sounds like you are finding plenty of different things to do and see. And moving right along thru the trip. I just got the computer hooked up to check on you and yours.
    Enjoy ....Monette West