Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30

Molly says...
 Today was fun but that we should *in singsong voice* Start at the very begining thats a very good place to start *and if we don't (repeat were star is) this will be more confusing then it has to be *so confusing..................... Anywho the begining is where molly thinks we should start.
 So at 2 AM Molly woke up because she was very cold (because she was on the cot that was right next to the air conditioning that for some reason and she had fallen asleep with wet hair) so she got up, put some socks on and figured she might be warmer in an actual bed. So she inspected both beds and decided that is was less dangerous to wake up her mom than to chance waking up her sister, Blair. So she got into bed with her mom and got warmer very fast and fell asleep.   She was woken up at 6:45 in order to get ready for the white water rapids. The rapids were so much fun. Then when that was over and they went to  2 book stores and neither one of them had the books she wanted. 
  When Molly got back to the hotel, she went on the computer (after swimming) and discovered that there were no Barnes & Noble or Borders for 132 miles. Then she read a little at the pool, then did some online art, and then she typed this. Molly says goodbye.


  1. Molly, on what program did you make the art? Can you send me pics of what you did?
    PS I want to go rafting now...

  2. See? Won't it be nice to get back to civilization with bookstores?