Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30

Brooke says...
white water rafting was fun. Anybody would like it. It is sort of scary. My favorite part was when I got to jump off the boat and swim near the boat.  I had to wear my life jacket the whole time. There was a scary rapid called the rocky rapid. When a big rapid comes, the boat sort of tips over, and the water splashes on you if you're on the front.  At one point, I got to walk beside of the boat and the mud sucked down my shoe and got stuck in the mud and I almost lost my shoe. But one of the guides found it. (She actually walked out of her shoe and we thought that it was gone because she was wading in the water. But one one of the guides started stomping in the mud, visualize someone stomping on grapes, and he found it!)
The the guide did this thing where we all got on one end of the boat, and our guide, Danny, grabbed the rope that was attached to the front of the boat. He pulled it to the back and we all all leaned to the back and we rocked the boat back and forth and it seemed like we were going to tip the boat over, but we didn't.  It was awesome.
When we were on Rocky Rapid a guy took our picture while we were on the biggest rapid. We really we got wet on that one. We hit a big rapid and I was really scared. I'm glad I went.


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  2. Hi Bev! Your blog is awesome!! How did you like rafting the Colorado!! I did it for 1 week for 165 miles! Did you jump in? It is 48 degrees! You all have done places I've been, too! Isn't the USA gorgeous! Have fun!

  3. Sorry, I had misspellings in my post and THAT couldn't stand...

    Brooke, you're so brave! I was too scared to go white water rafting in PA last year. But it sure looks like fun. Cannot WAIT to see all these photos...