Monday, July 13, 2009

A brief word about the weather - July 13, day 24

Jerry again...This is for those of you who have never been out to the west coast. The weather here can vary tremendously. If you are near the water it is cool in the summer. If you go inland a few miles it can get really hot. Today the Bay Area weather in the San Francisco Chronicle lists the high for the day at 68 degrees in Pacifica, just a few miles south of San Francisco, and 94 degrees in Danville, about 20 miles inland from San Francisco. It's 70 degrees here. If you are in the sun in San Francisco, it's warm. If you are in the shade, better have a jacket. 

The public transportation is exceptional. Lots of busses, cable cars, and the BART. Since there is nearly no place to park this is a necessity. The sales ta
x here is 9.5 %, the highest I have seen across the

If you want to see Alcatraz, better get tickets ahead of time. Today is Monday, and the next available ones are for Thursday. Now if you want to pay for a cruise around the Bay you can also get a ticket for Alcatraz at
 a very expensive rate. If there are any living former prisoners of Alcatraz, I wonder what they think of it being such a hot ticket?


  1. Both of my Honda cars have had corroded battery terminals. I don't know why, I just keep an eye on them and try to keep them clean. I just replaced the battery in my 2006 Civic. A dead cell in the battery too. Car batteries seem to last 2-4 years, no matter what the warranty on it says. Heat really kills batteries, more so than cold weather. And with all that driving you did across the desert, I'm not surprised it died. Am really glad you made it to San Francisco and that you got to play in the cold Pacific. BRRR water even in Aug/Sept. I didn't make it into Alcatraz either, it was a three day wait when I was there. So I drove down the coastal highway down to Carmel. What a beautiful drive. I agree with your comments on Yosemite, I was there during a snow storm. I can see why Ansel Adams took so many photographs of the place. My Mom, Laura and I have been enjoying your adventure. Mr. Dave

  2. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. San Fran is one of the top 3 cities I have ever visited. We were there July 4 3 years ago and watched the fireworks from a boat on the Bay. As you say, however, we all had to buy sweatshirts, hats, etc. We managed to score Alcatraz tix the same day we tried to visit though - guess we were lucky. Jerry, Pete & I had to laugh at your comment about the 84 miles in Yosemite being worse than 200 miles elsewhere. When we did King's Canyon and Yosemite was when we were finally absolutely sure it was a good thing we hadn't rented an RV! Many of the National Parks out west have similar roads. Yellowstone isn't too bad though. I am really enjoying following y'alls adventures! Sorry to hear about the car problems. We were lucky when we did it and had no problems whatsoever.