Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning, July 11 - Van's all fixed!

Jerry got up and walked back to the garage where he had left the van last night, and by 9:15 decided that they weren't going to open today. He noticed a lube/battery place just down the street, so he went there and had an exciting experience getting the van to their place. But they replaced the battery, changed the oil, and replaced some plugs. So it's good to go again. The girls and I had a quiet morning  reading and lounging by the pool.  Now we're going to have lunch and head back to Yosemite. One ranger at the entrance gate told us last night that it is always really crowded on the weekends, so we'll see how it goes. Looking at our proposed schedule, it looks like we may hit Yellowstone on the weekend also. What luck!

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