Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey. Its Blair again, and I've heard you all enjoy hearing me ramble. But, you see, I have no idea what you've already read about. So here's what we did in L.A. Before I begin though, I just saw a Skittles commercial. Has anyone noticed how much weirder they've gotten? I mean, what is going on in that one with the hourglass? WHAT. But anyway, Los Angeles was pretty fun. We drove until we found the absolute worst part of town, and then we stopped. I did find this really cool little store though, it was like a little hippie place. We also got on a bus that was driven by a guy who I don't think could decide what he wanted his accent to be. He also made a corny joke every two minutes, and when he ran out of words ( which was probably very hard for him) he played the radio. I was not amused. But he did otherwise give a fairly decant tour, we went past Michael Jackson's house,and one of Madonna's. We didn't see any celebrities, but we did see a lot of their things. You do not need a Ferrari for every day of the week. Go find a charity and some children who want puppies. But now I'm just talking.  Anyway we went back to the van, and then came to the beach. We made it to the other side alive! WOOHOO!!!!! And huzzah! We went swimming in the ocean last night, and I met a boy who asked me where I was from. "Maryland.", said I. "Oh, that's cool.", he responded. "So when are you going back to your country?" I honestly do not know what to say about this to make it any more ridiculous. Make of this poor, slow child what you will. So I've enjoyed myself on this trip, mostly by listening to my iPod every time I'm in an enclosed space with other people. For any road tripping teenagers, this is a method I highly recommend. I'm gonna go swimming in the Pacific Ocean now, be jealous!  


  1. I tried to comment a couple of days ago, but the comment thing wasn't working right. ANYWAY. I'd said: lol, Blair, but it's not so much that the kid thought Maryland was a different country as that California is a land of its own. We're all foreigners there.

  2. Both of my Honda cars have had corroded battery cables. I don't really know why. I just replaced the battery in my 2006 Civic. A dead cell in the battery too. Car batteries seem to last 2-4 years, no matter what the warranty on it says. Heat really kills batteries, more so than cold weather. And with all that driving you did across the desert, I am not surprised it died. Am really glad you made it to San Francisco and that you got to play in the cold Pacific. Mr. Dave