Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23 - Driving

Today we drove.  We had a hard time getting going this morning, so we didn't leave the hotel until 11:00 a.m. We drove across Wyoming for five hours and then stopped for the night at Casper, WY. Jerry would have liked to have gone farther, but some of us were just too tired. (Me!) I didn't sleep well last night. We were so tired by the time we got to the hotel, then I had a hardtime falling asleep. I felt like my pillow was the size of a large suitcase and as hard as one too. You know those nights where you exaggerate everything in your sleep. 

We saw some neat things while we were driving. Casper has four aches around it's town square made from Elk horns. Hopefully, they were antlers that were found as Elk shed them each year.
We saw antelope standing along the road as we drove. We've seen so much wild life. Then we saw the Grand Tetons. They are neat to see. They are the youngest of the Rocky Mountains and even though it's mid-July, they still have snow. In fact, some the snow has become glaciers because it never melts. Then Brooke noticed this beautiful rainbow in the sky. It wasn't a typical rainbow, but one that had colors swished through the sky. And we observed irrigation at work in the west. The picture of the corn growing at the base of a dry mound of dirt shows how much water is used to grow stuff. We've seen such long water irrigation pipes watering the field as we've driven along. I hope that we can remember.

We stopped at Casper, WY, for dinner, and then decided just to stay here for the night. We ate at this diner which was fun. The owner talked to people as they came in, and he had a train that ran around the perimeter of the ceiling that he turned on for us before we left. It reminded us of a diner at home where the food isn't too good, but they give you lots of it! After eating we decided to just get a hotel here. These are the times when it's nice that we don't have reservations that we have to keep pushing to get to. Jerry, Brooke and I went to the hot tub and pool, while Blair and Molly surfed the web. We also got some laundry finished. This should be the last time that we have to do laundry in a hotel for the summer! Yea!

Tomorrow we're hoping to see Devil's Tower and Mount Rushmore. But first a good night's sleep.

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  1. Oh, that rainbow picture is gorgeous! Fair entry!