Friday, July 3, 2009

July 1 - Day 12

I did have my phone interview in the hotel in Moab. I think it went okay, but it was different not being able to see the people, it was a conference call, and get reactions to what you are saying.
After leaving the hotel, we went back to the Moab Adventures to get shoes. We all bought a pair of Keen shoes, which are great shoes to walk in. They have a covered toe, but are still sandal like and can ger wet. The total cost
wasn't too good for Jerry's blood pressure, but they have proven to be great shoes. Of course, we all got different colors, so you can guess which shoes belong to which person!

Then we drove to Arches again to see a few of the arches we had missed the day before.
We went to the Sand Dune Arch which was an arch that Jerry and Blair had gone to the day before while the rest of us stayed at the hotel. The arch is surrounded by sand, and today the sand was incredibly hot. Once there Jerry and the girls climbed to the top. They had a lot of fun. I tried to stay in the shade of the arches where the sand wouldn't burn my feet.

Then we drove to the Courthouse Wash which 
was a place on the cliffs about Moab where the
Native Americans had left prehistoric art. We
We had a really hard time finding it which is intentional by the national park because it had been defaced in 1980. We could make out pictures of what looked like rams and people. It was really interesting.

Then we continued on our way to Bryce Canyon. We stopped at Salina, Utah, and had dinner at Mom's Cafe. There were two sheriffs eating there at the same time, and Molly knocked her glass of water off of the table onto the floor, almost hitting the sheriffs. We later laughed that she almost hit Andy Griffith and Barney Fife!

Before we got to Bryce Canyon, we drove through some of the most desolate land that we have seen so far. There were no houses, animals, water, etc. We really did think that we were in the middle of nowhere and this was driving on Interstate 70. We did see some beautiful valleys on the way.
We stopped at the top of Ghost Rock. We looked for a few minutes, and continued on. 
We arrived at our hotel, which is just outside of Bryce Canyon, around 9:00 p.m. We traveled around 320 miles today.

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  1. WOW. Just, wow. I'm ever so jealous of you guys. Love the shoe shot. Bet you wish you'd had those for rafting, eh? Keens don't fit my foot, but they should do you all well (and those of you whose feet don't grow will have them for many years).