Monday, July 27, 2009

Drive time - day 37, July 26

Slept in today until after nine, yesterday being so exhausting. We headed down route 90 looking for a late breakfast, then we quickly hit the central time zone so it became an early lunch. We picked a diner that looked nice, but everyone's food was lousy, except for Molly who had some excellent coconut cream pie.

We drove across the state on route 90. As we drove it changed from the Great Plains to the Prairie. Things got greener and leafy trees became more common. We drove all the way to the Iowa state line, took a few pictures, then drove north on route 29 until we got to our hotel in Watertown. We drove a total of 409 miles, but it was almost all on good highways so it didn't seem to be that long.

The highlight of the day was the hotel. It has three pools and a huge sliding board. The kids really enjoyed going down it over and over.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to the North Dakota line, then head into Minnesota to the Mall of America. 


  1. Hi Jerry and Bev and girls. What an awesome trip! Surely memories for a lifetime, as well as the trip of a lifetime.
    I ran out of time to pick hydrangeas, but thanks for the offer. Wedding went off without a hitch. Bore you with the details later. Drive safely. When are you expected back? Still July 31st?


  2. Lord, you're wearing me out now. But I'm glad you're covering ground. :O)

  3. Should be home by Friday or Saturday.