Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Morning, July 14

We are getting to leave San Francisco. We've enjoyed the city very much. In fact, we think it's almost as nice as New York City, and for us that's pretty big. As Jerry has stated, the public transportation is fabulous. I just don't like how it gets so chilly each night after the sun goes down.
We stayed in the Hotel Union Square, and we had a great room. It's probably the most square footage that we've had since we've left. 

I haven't mentioned that I did get the job at Middletown Middle School teaching 8th grade language arts. I thought that the position was going to be an reading intervention position since that was what was posted, but they really needed a language arts teacher. I'll be able to take Molly to school with me, so it will really work out well.
We are off to see the Winchester Mystery Mansion. We are too far north to see Hearst Castle. We thought that it was closer to San Francisco, but is is actually north of Santa Monica where we went to the beach. 


  1. Are you mad, woman? cool at night is the best part!

  2. I'm going to miss you - good luck at MMS! Your hotel room does look amazingly large!