Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!- Molly, July 29th

Yesterday... We went to Mall of America & shopped & shopped & shopped! It was lots of fun. I got a dressy peasant shirt, a nice art shirt,  a Queen shirt, 3 knee high socks (1. grey with all color peace signs 2. black with all color polka dots 3. blue/black checker board),  1 necklace, 2 headbands (1. black bow with small black polka dot mesh 2. blue/yellow plaid bow) & THE SHOES. They're amazing knee high Chucks (look at pic for more, I can't even describe the awesomeness of them. They rock.) This is the shoe story, it happened today. Okay, since I got the shoes a lot of people have looked at them, & 7 people have talked to me - about them 3 of which have been pros at Nordstroms. So any way this is the best. Mom was looking for boat tickets for tomorrow on Lake Michigan and I hear this guy who must have worked one boat company and he says in a very loud theatrical voice "Those are the greatest Converse I've ever seen! Where did you get them!?!?!!?!!!?" He gets down on 1 knee to look at them, so I respond with "At mall of America yesterday in a place called Underground Station." As he starts to walk away he goes "My girlfriend is going to freak!".  We laughed about this for an hour. 
 Shout out to Nana & Pap whose anniversary it is today.

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  1. Those are, indeed, fantastic shoes. Well done!