Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Piers, Shops, Cable Cars, and Hippies- Day 24, July 13

Jerry here ...Started out the day buying 5 one day all-you-can-ride cable car passes. $11 each, not a badeal considering the cable cars run about everywhere you want to go and it usually isn't too long a wait between cars. Rode up to see Lombard Street. It's very steep, but not much steeper than a whole lot of other streets around here. As hilly as this place is, San Francisco won't have as much trouble as other coastal cities if global warming is what it's cracked up to be.

Went along the piers to see what was there. Had breakfast at a place that sold lo
ts of sourdough bread. We walked to Pier 39. That place is much like the Inner Harbor. Beverly bought a new bag because her old one was breaking. Beverly and Brooke got ear wraps. Brooke likes hers because they make her look like she has pierced ears.

We walked down to see an exhibit on Levi's jeans (my idea). Not too exciting. Rode the cable car back to Market Street. There Molly bought some hand made glassware she just had to have. Rode the cable car back to our hotel and took and afternoon rest.

At about 5:00 we went back out and did some shopping. Went into an Urban Outfitter, a French Connection United Kingdom, and a huge Nordstrom where Blair got a new bag. After that I took us to the Haight-Ashbury area to see what was left of the hippie culture. Apparently drugs, drug paraphanalia, and pan handling are what is left of the hippie culture. Not the best part of San Francisco. 
We made it back to Nob Hill where 
where we ate at another Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives place called Grubsteak. It was created using an old cable car that was placed there in the 1920s after the Bay Bridge was completed and they didn't need as many cable cars. Beverly had a burger on sourdough bread with onion rings, Brooke and Molly split a steak, Blair had a veggie burger, and Jerry and a cheeseburger with a fried egg on it. Everyone liked their food. The girls finished their meals with chocolate ice cream.

Tomorrow we will try to retrieve our van from the garage and get out of San Francisco, eventually making it to see the Redwoods in the far northern part of California. Today's total driving milage - zero. 


  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time....we never did make it to Haight-Ashbury. The restaurant sounds really cool - what a neat theme to follow across the country! Did you go out onto the Golden Gate? Sausalito, across the Bay from S.F. is a really neat town with beautiful views, good restaurants and fun shops. If you don't necessarily want to go all the way to Redwoods in the far north of California, Muir Woods also has them - pretty amazing. Pt. Reyes National Seashore has a really cool lighthouse as well.

  2. Was the sourdough place on the piers Boudin?
    If so, I hope you had the crab chowder in the sourdough bowl even if you were eating breakfast. When I had it there, either it was so good, or I was so hungry, that I ate every drop of the chowder AND every crumb of the bowl. My waiter said he had seen people TRY to eat it all, but I was the first to be successful at it. lol
    Safe travels to you all.

  3. yeah, the Haight is nasty. Which, you know, hippie culture being what it is is not suprising...

    Seconding Muir Woods. It's really magnificent.

  4. Drugs, drug paraphenalia, and panhandling *are* hippie culture.

  5. Great! I was hoping SF made it into the itinerary. Did you get to go to Muir woods or walk across the GG Bridge like your friends were asking?