Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vegas to LA - July 6, Day 17

We checked out of our hotel and headed back into Las Vegas for a few hours. We went into Circus Circus to see a free show. The girls wanted to see a show so as not feel that they had missed an important Las Vegas experience. We had to stand because so many people wanted to see the act. It was a girl from Russia who did gymnastics on a prism above the stage. It lasted about ten minutes.

We wandered around downtown Las Vegas for awhile before Beverly got the GPS to find a casino called Jerry's
Nugget. I wanted to go there because of the name and 
because, like me, it was established in 1964. We got t
-shirts and had an excellent lunch. Afterwards I took out a five dollar bill and played a slot machine, the only gambling any of us did in Las Vegas. My five dollars became 30 dollars, so I quit while I was ahead. We got in the van, got gas, and headed on route 15 toward Los Angeles.

Again, we saw lots of desert and the temperature hit the daily high of 109 degrees as we crossed the Mojave Desert. We drove 
270 miles, descending out of the mountains and into LA, which was a temperate 79 degrees. We 
are across the street from Disneyland thanks to Beverly's search for a hotel. We walked over to Disneyland and got our tickets for tomorrow, bought the usual t-shirts, saw the fireworks, and planned for a big day tomorrow.

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