Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 30

Jerry writes...
Yesterday was a nice, relaxing day around the pool. That was too much for me. I wanted to see the park we came to see, Arches. It looked like most of the arches weren't too far from the road. Well, as you have read things didn't turn out as planned. 

Today Blair and I tried Arches again. It was 103 degrees as we entered the park. We saw three arches, one from the road, one after a short walk, and one that required us to walk a mile in the desert. It may not surprise you that a mile in the desert seems much longer than a mile on a normal street. Our favorite arch was called Sand Dunes. It is located amongst many fins and is shaded. The sand is very fine and thick around it. Many people were there enjoying the relatively cool shade. Blair climbed to the top, no easy feet!

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